The Dancing Path™-

The Dancing Path is a celebratory & transformational organization based out of NYC that offers various events, workshops and trainings. The mission of The Dancing Path is to provide experiences that empower people to create, live & celebrate their lives to the fullest. This usually includes some form of improvisational dance but is not limited to dance. It creates experiences for people that will empower them to find, create and be on the path that brings them the most joy! The path that makes them dance inside and out!

Dancing Path™ events are about connecting people as a community through various workshops and events in order have fun, build connection with yourself and your community. The events help empower people to create, live & celebrate thier best life. There is usually never any dance, yoga, massage or reiki experience necessary. All levels and backgrounds are welcome. The dance events are usually always improvisational in nature and do not include any choreography. Participants are guided to express themselves fully & find their own movement & flow!

The Dancing Path™ hosts top notch facilitators from around the world offering various events, workshops and trainings such as:

Transformational Dance, Contact Improv, Yoga Trance Dance™, Soul Motion™, Biodanza™, Goddess Dance Rituals, Shamanism Workshops, Shiatsu Trainings, Reiki Trainings, Partner Yoga Workshops, Manifestation Workshops, Community Beach Parties and more!

Trinity has a gift for finding stellar, fun, unique events and facilitators and she loves sharing them with the world!

Dancing Path events tend to be of a creative nature helping people to express and awaken their creativity. All Dancing Path events are of an experiential and celebratory nature! The Dancing Path is especially passionate about creating & bringing communities together to connect and celebrate life in a healthy, fun and positive way!

Welcome to The Dancing Path™!

About Trinity-
Trinity is the creator of the Dancing Path™ a celebratory transformational events organization that offers playful, creative, community building events, workshops and trainings all over NYC. She is passionate about bringing people together to celebrate life, express themselves fully and connect in fun and nurturing ways.

One of Trinity’s main passions is to lead transformational dance. Her love and uninhibited passion for dance is infectious. Trinity has facilitated transformational dances at the Omega Institute, Princeton University, Jiva Mukti and many other wonderful places. In 2001 she studied Reiki and a few years later became a Reiki master. In 2003 Trinity studied at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and got certified as a Holistic Health & Nutritional Counselor. Shortly after she discovered Thai Massage and studied with Lotus Palm and in Thailand.