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The Best,


I see that you offer shamanic events. I would be interested in attending them.


Hi there Trinity -- cannot make it to the upcoming New Year's Eve party, but would love to receive info about future Dancing Path events in Brooklyn (Park Slope, Gowanus, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, etc.). Have a Happy New Year and please add me to your email list! Blessings, Jill (fellow survivor of grace institute 2009 ^_^)

Hi Trinity.

Would it be possible to retain your teaching services for a private lesson for myself and my wife, combining partner Yoga with Thai massage?





I heard about your Valentine's Day Event with Partner Yoga, Thai Massage and Transforamtional Dance.

I would like to be put on the Mailing List so I can get info on how to attend as well as hear about future events! Thanks!

A freind of mine went to your Pure Bliss ~ Holistic New Year's Eve PArty and said it was Amazing!

Please keep me in the loop for future Events.

Please send me emails about upcoming events.

Please add me to your mailing list..i am not a regular facebook user.

Please add me to your mailing list for all upcoming events. I'm very interested. Thanks!!


where is this event.. I am from Mass... is it here.. or do you have any events in Mass...it sounds yummy...

I am so excited to see you are offering a Biodanza workshop! I tried it last year at dance camp in New Hampshire and it was so AMAZING!

I am looking forward to experiencing the workshop!


Sounds Cool. Please keep me in the loop.



Please put me on your mailing list.

Do you have yoga trance dance regularlly? Im looking for a place to go to on a daily basis.

Best, Jackie

hi - do you still have events? thanks

good work

please put me on your mailing list

any dance events for March?

Trinity, I am so happy to have come upon your information while doing some Meetup research. I sure wish I had found it much sooner. Please put me on your email list.I am hoping we can find a way for my thirty years of transformational training in the deeply yogic process of eidetic imaging with the founder of Image Psychology, Dr. Akhter Ahsen, and my extensive teaching experience, can become a welcome contribution to your efforts. In brief I would say that Ahsen’s mission has been to make the transformational wisdom you have been working with accessible to mainstream academic thinking so that more people can realize that the proper use of imagination is essential to public health and happiness.I have been wanting to be a dancer since I was nine – and did get some serious training at Bennington and with Graham and Limon at New London – but got veered off into a sedentary life devoting much time to documenting my transformational work in writing.On my website < www.imagegrove.org > you will find an abundance of work showing how much our work has in common. One video is of a pilot run of Playing In Concert With The Light made with International Women In Jazz demonstrating my interest in showing artists a new basis for developing more communal communication through improvisation. My essay on Lucid Improvisations is there – LUCID IMPROVISATIONS Explore New Ground In Imagination Bringing Compassionate Interaction to Light, an introduction to EMPATHY IMAGING IN ACTION illustrated by “I’ll Teach You A Lesson," A Serial Drama In Progress – along with several poems written from this new way of seeing ourselves and each other, and a video of Lucid Improvisations with some poets.But the swiftest way for you to grasp what I have to offer would be for us to share some eidetic imaging and movement together. I would be most pleased to arrange to do this with you at your earliest convenience, and look forward to hearing from you.It would be a great boon to me to meet with you at this point and move into my true calling.Janet Bloom, M.F.A., C.E.I.T.Master of Fine Arts, Certified Eidetic Imaging Trainerimagegrove@gmail.com914 2930 7001

Are there any events in the near future?

I am interested in your drumming events.

Please put me on your mailing list.

Hi -- I have realized as I've lived life that I have a shamanic quality -- I absorb negative energy and seek to replace it with positive energy. But, my own disciplines are not strong enough and I've found myself dealing with a physical manifestation of that. This needs to change through some disciplines tht work for me. I'm wondering what you might help me with. Thank you for any response.

I'm THRILLED to have found your community of The Dancing Path! PLEASE add me on your mailing list.

i drove from boston to your event sat nt... well worth it and as amazing as i knew it would be!
lots of people here in boston including myself would love to see you if you may want to host here sometime ??
about 7-8yrs ago i faitfully attended bodytemple events and gabrielle roth workshops... manifested a baby boy... been busy with that even since... now im' back! yeah! yeah!!!
i'm excited to see what comes of saturdays manifestation/transformation :-) thank you for holding sacred space ...much love and gratitude all around xoxo

I would like to be put on your mailing list for future events. Thank you!

Please include me on your mailing list for upcoming events and current djembe classes.

bountiful blessings,

I would appreciate being contacted regarding any furure events in nyc. i wall try to make tonight at the Alignment center

Please add me to your mailing list. Thanx!

can we join your group at the dance parade this saturday? There are 4 of us...

Will you be hosting another "one love drum and dance" event in New York City in 2011?

sending you waves of gratitude for the dance with jovinda last night. building community with the intention of sharing inspiration, joy, fun can sometimes feel a lot more tiring than fun. Thank you for bringing us all together. Many blessings on your newjourney into academia. In love and light,

great, so much needed all over, particularly in times when we are faced with a rampage of the beasts... thank you for your efforts.
love and peace.

Hi. Are you available 12/25/10 for an hour or so to do a mini journey dance workshop at my house? All my family will be over for a Christmas Party. Please contact me ASAP. Thank you.


pease let me know of future events.
thank you!

hi, i would love to have a workshop at yoga people in brooklyn heights. we are very connected to jivamukti. we have many of there teachers teaching at my studio. please let me know your availablitiy.

Re: the one love drum & dance circle on june 25: what time is this event, and is it appropriate to bring a hula hoop?

many thanks!

would love to be put on the newsletter list... i love dancing and would love to join some of the events... love jasmine

Sorry I missed today's event.......just got word of it last night.....please keep me in the loop so I can make plans in advance! Thanks! Nick

PS As it turns out I was able to let a friend who lives in Manhattan know about it and he's there right now and enjoying your scene.

It's funny that what you're doing was just the routine kind of "happening" that we did back in "the sisxties" but now requires a whole legal/foundational framework/production.............it's great that some spirit is being kept alive.......but it should just be normal human life that is like this.......it's called having fun!!!! lol

Anyway, keep up the good work!!!

I am a drummer and happy to be in involved in your events if ur interested. =)

Please add me to your mailing list!

THanks, LS

hey Trinity,

Just wanted to say I really want to make it to a dancing evening soon! I could really use it! Thankful for the good things that are keeping me busy, but hopefully I'll be back soon!


I'd like to know about future dance events. I am a singer and a voice teacher. I teach with an integrative and holistic aprroach to singing, emphasizing self-expression and release of breath and emotion. Dancing is also a deep passion of mine. Singing and dancing combined is very powerful as well.

thank you,

Please put me on your mailing list.
Thank you!
Princeton Junction, NJ

I am producing a community event in hastings-on-hudson on friday june 11th -- we are closing the streets & I am lining up several interactive performance art type of activities -- just wondering if you might want to lead a dance & drum circle as part of our festivities...

Hey Trinity! it's carol from trancedance at kripalu last year :) how are you sister? I just saw your name on the one love event posting - i am so bummed I can't make it. just did a chakra loop class with giten on sat - freakin' awesome! i'm so hooked on freestyle dance! love your website and look forward to attending one of your events soon. please put me on a mailing list if you have one! love and joy vibes... xo carol

Do you have any upcoming retreats in costa rica? Found you on the oef through IIn, I went there too.
Have a balanced Day,

Please add me to your mailing list.

I've been looking for something like this for a while!

Hi, my name is Athena. A good friend of mine had forwarded me the drumming event that will be taking place this saturday. I was wondering and would like to ask, as I play the djembe, if djembe drummers are welcome?

Thanks in Advance.


would love to be informed of future events. Thank you~

Dear Trinity,

Hi, I heard about you through yahoo groups, and would like to invite you to post your site and events on:

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Hope you'll join us as well. By the way, just spotted Doug Larson's name, my friend!


ps - cute pics ; )

Drew Knapp
Founder & CEO
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tel - 973.783.3226

i'm passionate about creativity - i'm a visual Artist, writer, & yoga instructor. i love ecstatic dance, self exploration & community experience. i'm uncertain where i'll be in the next few months (ny or austin), but please keep me posted...i'd love to attend an event soon!

mailing list please

would love to join your email list and make one of your dances! am a Five rhythms fan

I found your dance events on meetup .com and immediately thought that it would be a great place to play my music:


I'm aiming to have my act ready by the end of march, would be cool to get in touch and see if you think my music would be a good fit. I can also spin other things into the mix as well.

put me on your mailing list. thanks.

Please put me on your mailing list!

Please add me to your mailing list. Would love to attend one of your workshops sometime.

What retreats are coming up in May or June? We live in the Buffalo, NY area - any chance of anything being done here
along the beach - it gets warm in June

I`d love to know all nyc events.

please put me on your mailing list, thanks.

HI! I am so...interested in taking a class/worshop, as I have been a passionate dancer all my life and love to free form it and am endlessly seeking further self discovery! I am currently in San diego and am wondering if there will be any classes in the southern california area anytime soon. Thanks so much and keep up the bliss!


hey trinity, we danced at om sweet om together back in june, i'd love to come to long beach on aug 17th to dance again w/u!! count me in! do i have to do anything or just show up?? see you then xo elyce

Hi Trinity,
Please keep me informed of your events. I'm often in Long Beach on weekends and plan on dancing with you on the 16th.

I would like to purchase tickets to the long beach event for july 20th. how do I do that?

Love you and your infectiously positive energy trinity!!